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PaddleOz Levels


The Discovery program is all about fun on the water while learning some of the basics of canoeing or kayaking. The program is focused on learning the skills through a variety of fun, interactive games. So come alone or register with a friend or group to enter into the exciting world of paddling.


The Action level is an extension and refinement of the skills learnt in Discovery. Participants continue of their paddling journey with further develop of skills through a wider range of games and activities in a variety of paddling environments.


The Adventure level provides an introduction to specialised craft and the specific skills required to paddle them. There is a separate program for each competitive and recreational discipline. Participants could do multiple programs, for example canoe polo in winter and sprint in summer. This level is designed to provide a link into clubs, Paddle Education and national development programs for competitive disciplines

The Adventure program includes:

Canoe Polo


How do you become a Paddle Oz Trainer?

Below you will find information about Paddle OZ programs and a short video that will introduce and walk you through the Paddle Oz website (you must watch this to become a Paddle Oz trainer)

Paddle Oz trainer video

Paddle Oz promotes and encourages a safe, engaging, fun pathway in to paddle sports for all ages. It is designed to be flexible in the delivery to allow for all situations that may present themselves to a Paddle Oz trainer.

Paddle Oz is made up of three programs, Discovery, Action and Adventure. Adventure consists of four streams, Flatwater, Whitewater, Sea and Canoe polo

Each program has three steps to provide a progression towards completing each program

All current Australian Canoeing Lifeguards, Guides, Instructors and Coaches are able to deliver the Discovery and Action programs. Instructor specific awards are required by the trainer for the Adventure level.

The below resources are available for free to Paddle Oz trainers to assist in the delivery of all programs

  1. Trainer Handbook
  2. Games and Activities booklet
  3. Trainer check sheets and certificates for all programs ($5 pp per program)
  4. Poster template

To become a Paddle Oz Trainer the steps below need to completed

  • Gain a Australian Canoeing Lifeguard, Guide, Instructor or Coach award
  • Hold a current First aid certificate
  • Hold a Working with Children card
  • View the Paddle Oz trainer video above
  • Register as a trainer using the link below

Insurance for the Paddle Oz Trainer?

Current AC Lifeguard, Guide, Instructor or Coach that also  holds a Paddle OZ trainer award is covered by both personal and public liability insurance while they are running a Paddle OZ program within the limits of the Paddle OZ manual and AC safety Guidelines.

Paddle Oz Costs!

Costs for Paddle Oz

  • $60 one off trainer registration fee
  • $5 per program per participant

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